Selected Articles


These For-Profit Schools Are “Like a Prison”

Camelot Under Siege

For-Profit School Chain Suffers Setback Following Abuse Allegations

The Atlantic

The Student Who Almost Got Away

The 74

NYC Teachers Union Launches Investigation of School Air Quality Amid COVID

Parents Await a ‘Rallying Cry’ Over How Race and History Are Taught in Schools

The Hechinger Report

Should We Test All 2-year-olds For Autism? 


A 17-Year-Old Was Told He Couldn’t Attend High School, Even Though He’s A US Citizen


The New Diploma Mills

Regulation of Credit Recovery Courses Slowly Gains Steam

Philadelphia magazine

Supreme Court Gives Hundreds of Philly Juvenile Lifers a Chance at Parole

Is Philly Doing Enough to Save Cardiac Arrest Victims?

The No-Bullshit Guide to Community Schools

Houston Press

Semi Stoned: It’s Not Illegal to Take Opioids if You’re Behind the Wheel of a Big Rig

Court-Appointed Attorneys in Harris County Take On Massive Caseloads 

De Facto Quotas are Driving the Mass Incarceration of Immigrants

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